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Being a training manager I have had several opportunities to come on stage and speak but the course at Onstage Academy was very detailed and informative. I enjoyed learning the techniques of handling a large audience.

Dr. Manar Shami Training Manager

It was an extraordinary confidence-boosting masterclass empowering our beliefs beyond public speaking. Shereen is one of your kind and has the most prestigious unstoppable way of communicating all the workshop in a very inspirational setting and taught us what we want learn anywhere on how to #beheard.

Hiba El Ayal

A life changing masterclass. So honoured to have been part of it. You think you know enough and then something like this comes along and completely changes your view of even the way you speak, stand and confidence.

Diji Shujahi

Loved it! Packed with more content that I could ask for along with tremendous engagement. The action points are constantly at the back of my mind in everything that I do.


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