Public Speaking Masterclass

Live & Virtual

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2 Days Live & Virtual
Public Speaking Masterclass

Onstage Academy has specifically designed a 2-day intensive master class to help conquer your fear of public speaking and to assist you in becoming a more effective communicator. Self-belief is an integral part of public speaking. Through the 2 days we work extensively on building your confidence with over 20 hands-on exercises.

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2 Days Live Public Speaking Masterclass
By Shereen Mitwalli

2 Days Live Virtual Public Speaking Masterclass
By Shereen Mitwalli

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Do you ever experience stage fright?


Are sweaty palms, nausea or a racing heartbeat common before a presentation?


Do you get anxiety while interacting with an audience?


Do you struggle with structuring your presentation?


How many opportunities have you lost in the past because your fear of public speaking got in the way?


Do you struggle in making an impact?


Is your earning potential limited because you cannot communicate effectively?


According to Forbes, the top communication skill that is recognized in a work place is public speaking. It is a skill, which enhances your professional value by a remarkable 50%!

I had severe stage fright and was terrified of delivering presentations. Getting me to do one was as a bad as getting me into an operating theatre. This course with Shereen has made me more confident, changed my mindset and made me believe in what I am capable of doing and becoming. It has been the best investment I have ever made and I would strongly recommend this to anyone! You won’t know the power of it unless you do it, so do yourself a favour, take charge of your life, and go for it
Ghada Yousif
April 2018 Masterclass Student Flown from Australia to Dubai to attend Masterclass

We will teach you the tips and tricks of public speaking and presenting to turn you into refined speakers. On completing the master class you will be able to communicate effectively with tremendous conviction and poise.

Since we work with a small focus group, you are guaranteed to have dedicated personal attention, assessments and feedback along with ample practical experience and guidance to transform you into a confident communicator.

The master class gives you real life presenting experiences. We start with teaching you the vital techniques and later progress quickly into actually delivering talks! Yes, you will be on your feet and successfully presenting in no time.

What you will learn?​

  1. How to build confidence
  2. How to eliminate stage fright
  3. How to build content
  4. How to improve your first impression
  5. How to improve your delivery
  6. How to story tell
  7. How to use visual aid seamlessly
  8. How to influence your audience

Key ingredients for success

  1. Builds self confidence
  2. Develops your personality
  3. Strengthens leadership skills
  4. Makes you an effective communicator
  5. Makes you socially comfortable
  6. Ability to persuade and influence an audience
  7. Increases income potential

Who should attend?​

  1. CEO’s, Directors and Managers
  2. Professionals from all sectors
  3. Academics
  4. Students
  5. Anyone who wishes to eliminate stage fright
  6. Anyone who wishes to work on building confidence and develop personality
  7. Aspiring Public Speakers and Presenters
Definitely the best class I’ve taken so far! First of all, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or more advanced, Shereen knows how to cater for everyone. Especially since she’ll take the time to really fine tune everyone’s set of skills individually. The course is very well put together and Shereen will make sure to teach you everything in these two days. It’s intensive, but I promise you, very fun and worth it!
Kauthar Hussain
2018 Masterclass Student

Being a training manager I have had several opportunities to come on stage and speak but the course at Onstage Academy was very detailed and informative. I enjoyed learning the techniques of handling a large audience.

Dr. Manar Shami

It was an extraordinary confidence boosting masterclass empowering our beliefs beyond public speaking. Shereen is one of your kind and has the most prestigious unstoppable way of communicating all the workshop in a very inspirational setting and taught us what we want learn anywhere on how to #beheard.

Hiba El Ayal

A life changing masterclass. So honoured to have been part of it. You think you know enough and then something like this comes along and completely changes your view of even the way you speak, stand and confidence.

Diji Shujahi

Loved it! Packed with more content that I could ask for along with tremendous engagement. The action points are constantly at the back of my mind in everything that I do.


Shereen Mitwalli is one of GCC’s most successful celebrity presenter and entrepreneurs. Formally trained in TV & Live Presenting from ‘The Sydney Academy Film & Television’ in Australia and the prestigious ‘New York Film Academy’ in Los Angeles – Shereen has worked with some of world’s greatest public speaking coaches. Shereen is also a certified NLP practioner and success coach and is formally qualified to work on cases such as severe anxiety and phobias.

Her expertise, professionalism, and charismatic personality are only a few of the traits that have made her the first choice in the UAE & Middle East and has been able to present in front over one million people with her public speaking and presentation skills.

International brands such as Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Samsung, Harpers Bazaar, PWc have made Shereen their preferred choice for various engagements from speaking on stage for brand representation.

Established names such as Nicolas Cage, Antonio Banderas, Liam Neeson, Gerard Butler, Sir Richard Branson, Guiliana Rancic, Nicole Richie, Fabio Cannavaro, Garry Marshall, Maisie Williams, Zendaya and not to mention business leaders and several members of the Emirati Royal Family have all been interviewed by Shereen on and off camera, adding to her reputation of versatility and professionalism in dealing with different personalities.

Will be announced soon

2 Days Live Public Speaking Masterclass
By Shereen Mitwalli

2 Days Live Virtual Public Speaking Masterclass
By Shereen Mitwalli

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